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About the
Brownstown Central Band of Braves

The Brownstown Central Band of Braves provides students with the opportunity and support necessary to become better musicians, better leaders, and better people. Our band program is dedicated to pursuing excellence in all that we do and inspiring a lifelong appreciation of music and community.

The band serves the community by playing at many events such as basketball games, football games, and festivals. We are proud of our students and the positive impact they make on the community. 

Why Band?

Being in a school band can be a great experience! From developing teamwork and leadership skills to improving self-discipline and creative thinking, It can help students develop into their best self.


Joining the band also provides an opportunity to make lifelong friendships and be part of a supportive community. being in a band can help to boost self-confidence and give a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Finally, being in a band can give students a chance to express themselves and create and accomplish incredible things.


What does the Band of Braves do?

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